Prosecco Zero DOC

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A harmonious bouquet allows you to discover the delicacy and depth of this distinguished sparkling wine that is fresh on the palate and complemented by aromas of a floral wisteria acacia and white fresh fruit.

11.5% ABV.

Obsessed with this Prosecco! It's the perfect drink to keep me on track with my health goals while still enjoying myself!

- Hannah D

LOVE! I didn't even know it had low sugar when I bought this for my girls trip in the Hamptons. We were blown away by the quality taste and the low sugar.

- Leah F

I've been Keto for 4 years now and this Prosecco is the only thing I drink bc of the low sugar

- Jonathan P


Did you know that the typical bottle of Prosecco has over 25 grams of sugar?

This is why we launched Prosecco Zero, a unique wine with only2.8 grams per bottle.