The World’s Best-Selling Sparkling Wine, Now Without the Sugar

Prosecco stands out for being a sweet wine made with a variety of white grapes called Glera, from the Italian regions of Veneto and Friuli-Venice-Giulia. It is the Italian wine with the highest number of international exports, and French champagne in sales in 2019.

The first version of a Prosecco was made in 1868 by the Italian scientist and chemist Antonio Carpené. It was his love of chemistry and his homeland that led him to create a sparkling wine from Treviso grapes. No product better expresses the character and quality of a place than wine, and he dedicated himself to spreading this message in his native land. Today he is considered “the father of Prosecco.”

The raw material gives it the particularity that makes it unique: being a sparkling wine, smooth and easy to drink. In addition, another key to its process is the Charmat Method, in which the drink is introduced into a sealed stainless-steel tank and pressurized to undergo a second fermentation and, in this way, release the carbon dioxide in the form of natural bubbles. With this technique, a greater volume of production is obtained than with the traditional or Champenoise method.

But why has Prosecco become such a popular wine around the world? It is likely its freshness, which makes it ideal for any moment, and because it invites most people to discover and enjoy the world of sparkling wines. In addition, it pairs very well with a wide range of dishes, except for red meat, and also works in the world of cocktails and mixology. Fine bottles of Prosecco offer aromas of tropical fruits, banana cream, hazelnut, vanilla, and honeycomb.

What kind of wine is Prosecco? There are three styles categorized according to their sugar level: Brut, Dry, and Extra Dry. The quality regulation is shown on the label as Prosecco DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata), Prosecco DOCG and Superiore DOCG, which is the highest classification for wines from the Asolo and Conegliano Valdobbiadene subzones. On the other hand, Prosecco now has its sugar-free version: while any bottle of Prosecco has 25-30 grams of sugar, a newly launched brand called Prosecco Zero has only 2.8! And most importantly, without sacrificing its flavor. This brand received the highest-ever rating for a Prosecco from Wine World Tribune magazine, which rated it a 96.

With all the flavor and one-tenth the sugar, if you haven't already tried this wine, what are you waiting for?