Prosecco Zero

The World's Lowest Sugar Prosecco.

Go Ahead, Make Zero Plans

Prosecco Zero is expertly crafted from the finest quality Glera grapes, which we harvest in the hills of Italy’s Friuli Venezia Giulia region and then ferment with our own novel approach to keep sugar content extremely low and your enjoyment guilt-free.

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    Obsessed with this Prosecco! it's the perfect drink to keep me on track with my health goals while still enjoying myself !

    Hannah D

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    I've been Keto for 4 years now and this prosecco is the only thing I drink bc of the low sugar

    Jonathon P.

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    LOVE! I didn't even know it had low sugar when I bought this for my girls trip in the hamptons. We were blown away by the quality taste and the low sugar perk. Best of both worlds :)

    Leah F.